Welcome to Reef’s Racing Engines. We hope that this site will be very useful in your selection of a racing engine for your racing project.

 Our website features a partial list of our engines and components. If you have questions on a particular part or don't see what you need on our website, please feel free to call our sales staff for information.

 Due to continual improvements in the racing industry, we are consistently updating and developing new and improved combinations.

 Reef’s Racing Engines strives to supply you, our customer, with state of the art engines and components.

  "Service after the sale" has always been our goal. Research and Development (R&D), USE IT OR LOSE IT, with current R&D you stay at the front with availability of the best choices for your application. Our facility is a complete Research and Development Center; with air & fuel flow measurement capabilities.

 Forget all the hype, you need an engine that fits; your needs, your track, your car, or your boat.

 Reef’s Racing Engines are built with care. Every single component, thread, passageway and assembly, is quality control inspected before it gets to live inside of the engine.

 Contact us so we can work on an engine program. Complete tested engines to individual components, however, no parts will be sold without consultation. Consultation is required in order to assure correct application, race engine components are usually not returnable to the manufacturer, so let us get the correct parts the first time.

 We thank you for giving Reef’s Racing Engines an opportunity to supply you with the power for a winning edge.